TL;DR Progress summary (aka what we've been up to)

Start of a regular-ish progress summary - maybe weekly, maybe monthly, we’ll see. For those that struggle to keep up with hundreds of telegram messages, various Discourse dicussions, waffle/github, etc.

NOTE: This particular topic is not for discussion, please keeps replies brief and only to clarify/add items to the summaries.

In the week preceeding 17th Nov…

We, the HSF working group of approx 30 hackspace directors/trustees, settled on a high-level organisation for the various tasks/work-streams:

… and made some great progress against the critical tasks (github issue numbers in brackets):

Bootstrap Prep

Reach Out Prep

Hackspace Owners Manual

Spread the Word

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Up to 9th Jan 2017…

Aside from a busy Christmas/New Year, there has still been time to:

Bootstrap Prep

New Website

Hackspace Owners Manual

Spread the Word

Apologies if I’ve missed anything, feel free to tack it on the summary :slight_smile:

stuff we’ve been up to since Jan 9th:

  • Incorporated as UK Hackspace Foundation Ltd!! Officially formed on 9th Jan 2017
  • Issued HSF membership survey - 13 results so far, to be resent to gather broader PoV
  • Finalised bank account
  • Updated hosting arrangements
  • Updates to the “Hackspace Owners Manual”, including Swindon access control system
  • We’ve engaged in a number of conversational topics here on the UK hackspaces foundation forum - from heating your hackspace, membership and relationship management through to health and safety topics. You should all subscribe :wink:
  • Got a stall at Maker Faire to spread the word (return of the big map)

up to 11th April…

  • Made the telegram channel public for other interested parties to join, in process of doing the same for the HSF Organisation category in the forum - see
  • Formed working groups for:
  • Main website received a bunch of updates, inc a map, updated space list driven by master spreadsheet on google drive, etc - see details in web group topic
  • Hackspace owners manual got an initial release, a contribution guide and is linked from the main website
  • Sketched out a simple/fast process for signing-up new spaces, needs a bit of polish and approval to implement - see issue 44
  • Added a bunch of ideas to the Brand Development topic - New Hackspace Foundation Branding