First UK Hackspace Foundation V2 meetup

discussion started with just currently onboarded spaces… although inviting more would be great, it might quickly become the conference we’re planning for next year?!

I agree, but it feels very weird to have a meetup in two months with just a subset of the people who happened to be around at the beginning. Just me?

general lack of availability pre-Xmas might mean we just run the conference anyway…

What do you mean by too large to be feasible?

[quote=“jonty, post:1, topic:36”]
How does Birmingham sound?[/quote]

Depends on where and when, and to what time (there was some mention on the telegram chat of going ‘just for the day’, I tend to travel by car and conscious of how much travelling / hotels / etc. cost at the moment (others may be too with christmas nearby!).

Rather “easily practical”. Once we invite another 40+ spaces, each of which will have two reps, it suddenly goes from being a meetup for ~30 people to a meetup for well over a hundred.

Related? Vote for dates available:

End of Febuary seems the clear winner.

We really need more than 8 responses to make that assumption.

Reminder if you haven’t responded to the doodle it’s here:


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Since this has been going on for a while now, I’m going to sort this out and get a place for it to be hosted.

Non-negotiable Decisions made (at least without the person negotiating taking over organisation)

  1. This will happen in Manchester
  2. This will happen in October

Negotiable Decisions
Choice of October 7th, 8th, 14th or 15th - these seem to be the dates that the most people who filled out the previous doodle will be available.

If you’re able to attend on one of the above dates, please can you fill out this Form.
This will allow me to collate numbers and book a place.


I will post updates As soon as i can after that date as to meeting location. Pledges for venue hire funds will be collected on the day.



Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder to Please fill out the form if you’re planning to come to the face to face meet up. So far there are only 9 entries.
All answers will be kept confidential, I just need to know actual numbers for Booking venue purposes.

Kat (BinaryKitten of HacMan)

Thankyou @BinaryKitten for applying a healthy dose of JFDI…


Hi Everyone - A quick Update.

PLEASE PLEASE, if you are bringing someone or attending to bring someone, it’s imperative that we have the form at filled out by them. This allows me to get the numbers for the booking right. I’m going to inflate the numbers a little bit for booking, but having a good idea on what to expect is important.

The Date has been settled on: Saturday October 14th (please let me know if this means you’re unable to attend and you had filled out the form)
The Meeting is going to schedule to start about 13:00 so that we have enough time for people to arrive.
The Venue search is still ongoing. I have a few places on the list,



Sadly I won’t be able to make that date, fingers crossed for event 2.0.

Apologies for my absence over the last few months, eviction/job/wedding absolutely ate me alive. Normal service should resume shortly.

Hi Everyone,

We now have Dates, Times, Venue locations.

TL;DR - October 14th 2017 13:00 - HackOldham - 38-44 Yorkshire Street, Oldham, OL1 1SE.

HackOldham has graciously allowed us to make use of their meeting space for the event.
Their address is: 38-44 Yorkshire Street, Oldham. OL1 1SE.


There are some on street parking, but if you’re are coming by car - there are a few town centre car parks. They have a 3 hour for Free system, the details of which can be located here:

If you’re travelling in by Train: Manchester Piccadilly station Or Manchester Victoria both are good target stations. Travel can then be made to the venue either by Tram or Bus.

A Return ticket on the tram will cost you £3.80

  • From Manchester Piccadilly: Take a Tram to Bury, switching at Manchester Victoria to the Rochdale Tram. Alight at Oldham Central.
  • From Manchester Piccadilly: Take a Tram to Eccles or Altrincham. Switch at St. Peter’s Square to the Rochdale Tram. Alight at Oldham Central.
  • From Manchester Victoria: Take the Rochdale Tram, Alight at Oldham Central.

A Day Ticket on the Bus will cost you £4.50

Walk to Manchester Piccadilly Gardens, where you will find a Morrison’s store. Just down from here you will find the bus stop ( Spot A on Page 2 of this Map PDF ) where you can catch an 83, 180 or 184 through to Oldham Bus station.

If you need any more information, please do contact me via Telegram (@BinaryKitten) OR email ( OR reply to this thread.

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Quick brain dump:

Proposed items for agenda:

  • Intro people
  • Trademark
  • Copyright (or left)
  • what constitutes a space and associated spaces
  • voting structure
  • links to discount companies
  • general organisation items better discussed face to face e.g. any left to discuss on CoC?
  • other
  • review minutes and agree to them

Proposed Timings: late lunch, finish official minuted meeting in under 2hrs, enough time to come back where we came from.

Happy to pitch in expense for lunch.

Hi Folks,

Thanks to @BinaryKitten for kicking us into a date and venue very effectively, now we just need to have a productive gathering.


Here’s a proposal for the schedule, as with all things this is up for discussion:

13:00 Meet & greet, grab a drink, name badge and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
13:30 Pizza lunch!
14:15 Meeting proper starts
15:30 Stop for a coffee break
15:45 Resume meeting
17:00 Meeting close
18:00 Hack Oldham closes

Call for agenda items

Items for the agenda are sought. Please try to add detail of what you want to discuss in your agenda item so that people have chance to formulate their thinking beforehand. Please guess at how long you think it will take to discuss your item based on a clear statement of the proposal followed by discussion and possibly decision.

This will potentially be a very busy meeting so please take time to prepare.

I’m going to suggest that we take agenda items until Wednesday 11th of October 2017 at 17:00 UTC. Not the 18th as originally stated. Which is after the meeting. Thanks @BinaryKitten for pointing that out… :slight_smile:


If anyone has suggestions on how we handle a large agenda should that be proposed then please add that here too :slight_smile:

We should try to avoid an ‘Any Other Business’ section to keep to a schedule so if you have a point you wish to discuss, please answer the call for agenda items.


Contributions will be welcome towards food, pledge or chuck money in a bowl. Anything over and above the costs incurred will be donated to the UK Hackspace Foundation, please give generously etc etc :wink: Pizzas cost about £7 so if you plan on eating a whole pizza and can afford it, suggested donation is £10.

If you’re able to give more to assist those who already have large travel expenses or just can’t afford to donate, that would also be appreciated. Nobody will judge you for how much you donate and we’ll try to make sure there’s something people can chuck money into without it being obvious of the amount.

Other stuff

This is all suggestion, if anyone else has suggestions on how we do this, please step forward.

Thanks, Ian.

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After this braindump

And following this very good suggestion:

Suggested topics for me are those that can be resolved In Real Life easier than online. So I will pick some topics from this forum where there as been plenty of discussion.

:star:Hackspace definition Is this discussion and this one over? what about this one? or this other topic? Can we take an executive decision?

Team Organisation At some point teams are formed and I have seen lots of progress so it is definately a good call. Should we create more? What are those teams?

TradeMark Is this discussion over? Can we take an executive decision?

Copy Left Is this discussion

Discounts from companies We got insurance covered? What else?

:star:Handling community a Hackspace Discussion, discussion, and discussion. Amongst other particular examples from spaces and how to brain storm solutions to improve collaboration.

In my Humble Opinion, the latter (Handling community) is the most important one, but can only be discussed after the first topic (define hackspace) is ironed out. All the other items can work as consequence of these two at a later date online.

I’ll ask around my space see if anything comes up.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll make the meeting… but I’d like to see a plan that gets us through to having actual formal members of the UKHSF. As it stands, we have an incorporated company and funds to invest, but no members to structure our decision making or manage said investments.

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Just a reminder folks, call for agenda items closes today.

Regards, Ian.