Planning for outreach at the next hacker/maker event

Given we’re REALLY GOING FOR IT I think we should put some real effort into outreach at the next hacker/maker event.

In the past we’ve had the HSF stall with the “big map” allowing people to pin where they came from and if they’re a hackspace member / interested in being a hackspace member / not interested in being a hackspace member. The data is really interesting, and we collect email addresses and postcodes on sign-up sheets to be used later - which we never have, but we absolutely should.

Arguably the first big event is CCC Congress in Germany at Christmas, but it’s not UK focussed so I don’t think we should bother, especially because: Christmas.

What is the next “big ish” hacker/maker event in the UK that we can present and, and what should we do? Who’s willing to help?

LAMM (Lancaster/Morecambe) are planning on being at Makerfaire UK next Spring. As Ian already said on Telegram, we’re happy to have the HSF sandwiched between us and another space and suggest a shift/rota of willing people who can help keep the stall occupied.

I’ll be there too, I’m not sure if Dominic still has the “big map” he made, but it would be nice to do something similar again.

What else could we do? Could we try and collect/make flyers for every space in the UK?

I like the idea of Big Map, with two diff types of pins:

  1. Small pins for people
  2. Big pins for spaces - possibly colour coded based on membership to HSF

Would also make sense to push benefits of being a member, big plans for year ahead and offer spaces a way to register/apply on the day or by follow-up email

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Ah sorry, forgot: We’ve had all the spaces marked out with flags (and little models in some cases!) with strings pointing out where they are.

Here’s a picture of it in 2013:

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I love the map, but think it would be more awesome if it was breadboard and LEDs for the hackspaces. But that is somewhat crazy, and I doubt they make breadboard that big.

Just turning up here after doing some Googling today during a quiet work period!

Re: big map, it’s something I’ve been going on about to Dominic for ages, I’d absolutely love to get an up to date, refreshed version. Any chance I can get involved?

Nothing stopping anyone making a new big map.

We had the map two years, first time was in 2013 (following the 2012 MFUK gap year) we had it again in 2014. There has been no UKHF table at the 2015 or 2016 MFUKs.

Originally we took data from people (postcodes even) with the idea of setting up a system whereby people that we interested in going to a hackspace got informed of their local one, and people that were interested in setting one up got pooled with other locals interested in doing so, like an introduction service, in spite of high ideals this didn’t happen.

One year or both, we had different colour pins, the colours meant, member of a hackspace and interested in a hackspace. I expect someone like Barney has pictures of this.

A related work in progress…

Discourse totally fails at previewing this map properly and has borked the url.

I do have pictures!



More here: 2013, 2014

It’s quite possible I’d be up for representing the Foundation again this year.

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I would also be very up for representing the foundation again this year. I’d really like to sort out a better interest registration thing than sheets of paper if we can.

Maybe we could use a projector for the map and do it digitally instead? Unsure.

That could be quite cool, if it zoomed around to different spaces like a slide show.

Some members from Leeds Hackspace are willing to help man a stall and chat at Makerfaire since we’re not running a stand.

This is impending (1st and 2nd April) are we still planning on attending? Probably time to be thinking about accommodation.

Did someone book a stand?

@russ has confirmed one has not been booked. I suspect it’s now beyond the deadline.

They’re normally very good to us, so if we approach Graham (?) saying we want little more than a few tables and a power socket they might fit us in. Given they seem to have less makers every year I can’t imagine it’ll be a problem.

I will be rocking up at about lunchtime on Saturday. Happy to human a table or wander about with flyers or whatever. Any chance we’ll wangle maker passes? Or do I buy punter tickets?

I’m staying at the Premier Inn Quayside. Which I’ve just noticed is in the same building as a Slug and Lettuce. So noisy Saturday night for me.

@russ and I will be arriving on Friday night. I’ll get in touch with Graham tomorrow and see if he can fit us in, otherwise I’ll see if Jake can sort us some flyers at late notice. We might still have some kicking around actually.

Ok, they’ve said they might be able to fit us in - I’ll fill in the form later today and they’ll get back to us.

Are we taking the Big Map? If so, how much space do we need? - @SophieRachel, would you like to lead that?