New Hackspace Foundation Branding


very cool… and having fun playing with the code :slight_smile:


Noting that the second brief (those were the first draft) was specifically to get away from the rotated H, as it’s not common to all spaces in the UK and we may as well try for something new.

I’ll dig out the second drafts later today, and I’ve just chased matt again.


thinking ahead - how are we finally going to make a decision on a logo?

I can see two obvious options:
a) if it’s before there are formal members, then it could be a vote from whoever is interested/participating on discourse
b) if it’s after we have formal members, then it should be a vote from the members (assuming we’ve given spaces enough time to join up and thus participate)

Option a) is fairly simple and doesn’t require memberships to be in place first, but doesn’t put any kind of rigour on who participates. Option b) requires memberships to be in place first, but would have rigour on participation.

Given slow pace on developing options, I’d favour option b. What do others think? are there other options?


The current directors make a decision, which can be changed later when there are formal members?


Maybe just let folks who are interested take a poll?


raises hand from the back corner

I rather like the tilted H and am enjoying just about all of the variations on the theme.


Should we split this into another working group of interested parties?


good idea… that’s seems to be working well for other areas (e.g. web, HOM)

with that in mind… could people shout here if they’d want to be involved in ongoing development/selection of the new logo (and later the associated brand materials/guidelines)

/me wonders if there’s about to be a flood of names :slight_smile:


I’d certainly want to help guide it and give advice, although I’m not
really up to doing much design work at the moment.


Anyone want to do another telegram for this?


Please, no more communication channels. Can we just keep it here.

Secondly: Can we hold off on this until I’ve actually heard back from the person who has put substantial amounts of time in for free. I’d rather not trample all over someone who is already working on it.


Not trying to trample… just keen to see some progress as it’s been 5 months since we last saw any output. You mentioned above a 2nd iteration from Matt - is that something you can share?

edit: reflecting on this… what aspect do you see as doing the trampling? coming up with additional logo ideas? the idea of a working group? the idea of making decisions before Matt has shared the next iteration?

TL;DR Progress summary (aka what we've been up to)

Trample was probably not the best word, I was trying to say “avoid work duplication”. Specifically I was just trying to stop people running around and spending loads of time on logos only for him to drop a fully formed bit of work on our lap tomorrow.

While yes, it has been 5 months, it’s also (until very recently) been 5 months since a lot of things were worked on - we’re not exactly rushing this :wink:

Will update as soon as I hear back from him and we know what the situation is.

Zero issue with a working group, but I do think whatever logo is chosen should probably be voted on by representatives of as many spaces as possible.


cool, much clearer - thanks

ref decision making - sounds like option b, if only cos of lack of appetite to do a.


Love that stronger connections are made and changed between points.

+1 for fed network type logo. Including Option 2 Seen @axford post.


An H made of Hs ?

It came to me over breakfast, so this is just a quick sketch


Not sure it how well it scales (to an website icon etc)… looks neat tho :wink: