Lulzbot 3D Printers Giveaway

We are currently in the same position, currently setting up the printer and the power supply is tripping the electric.
So we are thinking of sourcing an alternative power supply, have you resolved the issue @Norro or has anyone else had a similar issues.

And if you have replaced the supply do you have a link to a suitable one ?

Cheers Oly

Small update.

Saw this to late, we bought a general psu and used that.

Got a 20amp one from here,

then screwed the mains cable to the back and cut the cable of the old psu and attached it as well everything fired up just fine.

We also encounters issues with jamming on the Z axes we have greased those screw threads and now its much better.

Just fighting the usual problems now with warping and lifting.

Just an update in case its useful to any one else.

not allowed more than 3 replies what’s that all about ?

Have you tried reaching out to lulzbot?

I’d recommend getting in touch with tgreer as he has the contacts with lulzbot. I know one of these machines was listed as “probably working” but it’s annoying that (at least) two don’t work.

We haven’t tested ours yet at Hitchin Hackspace, we’ll check it ASAP…

Would recommend testing the power supply without it being connected up to the printer.

Our one (Maidstone) made a rather loud noise when switched on, we obviously won’t know if the printer is still ok until we have a suitable PSU.

I’m assuming the PSU voltage selector was correctly set to 240V?

Our one certainly was, double checked it was set correctly.

I can certifiably confirm with power supplies, unrelated to this giveaway, that a person can definitely tell when they’ve accidentally set the PSU voltage selector to 110v as it can make an amazing bang and white/blue flash as the fuse decides to get very excited and explodes. In case anyone wasn’t certain whether this was the situation with their power supply, this is typically the behavior that happens.

The printer we received works but is producing poor quality prints - it appears to have been treated badly by the courier unfortunately, so we’re in the process of trying to realign everything. We’re also having great difficulty getting prints to stick to the bed, though we’re starting to suspect that’s to do with calibration of the temperature sensors.

Be careful also as the power switch on the front left of the printer is at 240V and on ours at least has exposed contacts. We’ve bypassed this switch on ours.

Overall though, we’re starting to get some working prints out of ours, so thank you again!

Good news. We got in touch with Lulzbot and they sent us a replacement PSU pretty quickly without any hassle. :slight_smile:


We have one more free Lulzbot TAZ3 available!

Rules as before:

  • Spaces should meet the definition of a hackspace
  • Preference will be given to spaces which have no (reasonably functional) 3D printer.

I will decide the winner on Monday January 14th.

[Random seed: 3410437282423847390]

Throwing Farset Labs into the hat; we had an ultimaker that was “upgraded” by an industrious member who then legged it with many parts missing, and the only semi communal printer we have is my personal A8 that needs almost constant adjustment/fixing and is impossible for non experts to use :frowning:


Only noticing the deadline now :cry:

(Joys of the Digest email!)

Due to limited responses I’m extending this until the 28th! @bolster is the only contender so far.

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Hi there, Surrey and Hampshire makerspace here,

Our only currently working 3D printer is a member loan Prusa , with fully fitted acrylic carpet, it would be nice to offer members a better quality printer with decent build volume :slight_smile:

If you feel we are eligible, I’d like to throw our hat into the ring too.

I have randomly selected Farset Labs as the winner out of the two applications. Tgreer will be in touch to get shipping info.


Congrats to farset, glad it’s going to a good home :slight_smile:


There’s a 2nd round…

Lulzbot im gonna purchase 3d printer from them