Lulzbot 3D Printers Giveaway - August 2019

Hi Folks

Lulzbot have been in touch with an offering of 3D printers to support hackspaces in the UK. There is a cost involved in these units, exact amounts TBD, but with the printer, filament and shipping we’re looking somewhere between £100 and £150. The printers are BNIB Lulzbot Mini v1, and retail value is around £1200, so it’s a fair price for the equipment :slight_smile:

In order to be eligible for one of these printers you must:

If your space wants one post below. We’ll be wrapping this up Friday 9th August, so make sure you get your post in by then.

If there’s not enough printers to go around we’ll select people at random. Random Seed supplied by @russ is 2349426976. If there aren’t enough spaces without a functional 3D printer then we may consider others.

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East Essex Hackspace currently uses my personal one. So we’d love one. We have funding to cover it - can’t see current requirements to meet a hackspace for some reason in the mobile browser in the middle of a campsite in sunny Wales.

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Looks like Tom accidentally posted the wrong link! Here you go @tim_n:

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Cheers Jonty. We do indeed fit those :slight_smile:

To be fair I did copy paste what @russ had posted before. :slight_smile:

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We have a number of these unallocated after the initial distribution, so we’re going to open this up to other spaces who have a working printer.

The cost is £130 delivered for 1x Printer and 1x Box of 3mm filament to go with.

If you’re interested please respond below. If your functioning printer is member owned rather than owned by your space please say.


Would be interested in one for Leeds Hackspace please.

There are still a number of these available. If your space is interested please get in touch :slight_smile: