Lulzbot 3D Printers Giveaway

Lulzbot have kindly sent us four new 3D printers (exact models TBC) which we’re giving away to spaces which meet the following conditions:

If you want one, please post below. On Friday April 21st, I will randomly select four spaces if there are more than four people responding.

[For the sake of extremely nerdy transparency, the random seed I will use to select the winners is 2486586191043291972.]


Hello there. We don’t have a working 3D printer of our own but are currently borrowing a member’s 3D printer to get by. Lulzbot is very kind for doing this for the UK hackspace community.

Assuming we qualify, we’d love to be a part of the drawing. Thanks!

Our site:

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That’s a fantastic offer thanks to russ and lulzbot for offering those out to spaces.

Maidstone hackspace would definitely be interested, we just got our space and are looking to start kitting it out we don’t have much of any thing yet.

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Thank you Lulzbot for such a generous offer.

(For clarity: This is not a post requesting one, Newbury are not in need)

Wow this is a really good offer from lulzbots. Unfortunately we don’t currently have a reliable working 3D printer so we would like to enter into this please. (Having lost our lead person on 3D printers our already shaky two 3D printers are not doing well and the two new maintainers are also leads on other tasks so there is a lot of downtime)

Having a good working printer would be good for our members until we get the other two up and working properly and then we can donate on one of the three in good working condition onto another hackspace also in need of one- We are not looking to hoard all the 3D printers after all :slight_smile:


Leeds Hackspace

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Thanks to Lulzbot for this great offer.

We would certainly like to be included in the draw; we are just about to expand our space, this will include a Fabrication Room, where we will house our Laser Cutter and would really like a working and reliable 3D printer in there.
Our existing Prusa has lost the will to live so something as robust as a Lulzbot would awesome.

Scott Jordan
Director at Swindon Makerspace

Basingstoke Makerspace don’t quite have a space yet but we will imminently (and technically will still meet the criteria), so we could certainly use one.

Teesside Hackspace currently only have a semi-functional 3D printer on loan from a member - I’m not sure if that qualifies us, but we’d be very interested in it if so.

Very generous of Lulzbot.

We’d like to be entered into the draw please.

We’re busy converting a disused toilet block (glamorous, huh?) into Hitchin Hackspace and the rate remedial repair costs are mounting up it looks like we’ll be a bit low on equipment when we open up!


Hitchin Hackspace

Follow our progress here:
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Indeed, thank you Lulzbot!

York Hackspace would like to be considered. We don’t have a 3D printer of our own, and although we do have access to a member’s printer on loan to us it isn’t very reliable unfortunately.


York Hackspace

After some discussion we decided to slightly tweak the rules in order to prioritise those spaces with no access to a printer, then randomly select a home for the remaining one. So the winners are:


Tom Greer currently has these printers so I shall put people in contact with him to arrange shipping.

Please give Lulzbot lots of love so they send us more!


That’s fantastic we will be sure to write a blog post with pictures and post to twitter about it at.

Thanks to Lulzbot and those involved in offering them to other spaces its appreciated and we are all very excited about receiving the printer.


Yes, many thanks to Lulzbot and to Russ etc for organising this! This will make a huge difference to York Hackspace, and it will certainly feature in many of our blog posts to come.

Excellent thanks, our members will be very pleased and we’ll be sure to show the love to lulzbot.


Many thanks to Lulzbot & The Hackspace Foundation from all at Hitchin Hackspace. We’ll be sure to blog/post once it’s up and running.



Do we get any support on these or are we left to our own devices? Because ours has arrived with a broken PSU. If not we can sort something out I’m sure, but its a bit of a pita.

Cheers, Ben

We are currently in the same position, currently setting up the printer and the power supply is tripping the electric.
So we are thinking of sourcing an alternative power supply, have you resolved the issue @Norro or has anyone else had a similar issues.

And if you have replaced the supply do you have a link to a suitable one ?

Cheers Oly

Small update.

Saw this to late, we bought a general psu and used that.

Got a 20amp one from here,

then screwed the mains cable to the back and cut the cable of the old psu and attached it as well everything fired up just fine.

We also encounters issues with jamming on the Z axes we have greased those screw threads and now its much better.

Just fighting the usual problems now with warping and lifting.

Just an update in case its useful to any one else.

not allowed more than 3 replies what’s that all about ?

Have you tried reaching out to lulzbot?

I’d recommend getting in touch with tgreer as he has the contacts with lulzbot. I know one of these machines was listed as “probably working” but it’s annoying that (at least) two don’t work.

We haven’t tested ours yet at Hitchin Hackspace, we’ll check it ASAP…