HSF Question Time - 11th May 2017 @ 20:00 BST

It’s been two months since we started the Open Workshop UK format of web chats and it’s become obvious it’s not really the right place for this format, so we’ve agreed to rejig the format to resemble Question Time, with @axford as David Dimbleby (chairing).

We’ll spend 90 minutes talking about different issues set out before the meeting.

It would be fantastic if folks could RSVP and put some ideas for topics.

Last night we talked about issues facing spaces around size, being too small or too big.

Attn: @tomnewsom @stanto @BinaryKitten @ChickenGrylls

Question: Would people be interested in recording these to YouTube?


  • Where is the boundary between hobbyist use, commercial prototyping and production of short runs for commercial benefit?
  • Should we be looking to protect our trademarks or follow the open source ethos and give it away?
  • How could we help the LGBTQ+ makers and hackers out there feel less isolated?

I would very much like to take part, however I suspect I may not be able to as I’ve got a fairly full schedule that day.

Maybe next time.

I would like to participate. Happy for it to be on You Tube. But happier if audio only, to be uploaded to Hacker Public Radio (I’m sure I can strip it from video, it is more for people to be OK to be released under their licence.). I can do the dishes and cook with audio, but not with video :slight_smile:

Subject proposal: location of the space.

What will be used to talk? Yet another voip: mumble ? :wink:

Good question @axford what shall we use for the video this time given our tour of software last time?

Join here: https://zoom.us/j/393689499

  • Technology opted: Zoom.us . There seems to be a 40 min warning but we could talk past that point.
  • Chaired session seemed to work well.
  • Could not record but would have not wanted to record anyway (people entitled to change opinion etc.).
  • Having members participate in chat-only did not significantly slow down the meeting.
  • Having an upside-down video was preferred to no video.
  • Audio only would have been fine as well (IMHO).
  • Remember to mute channel when typing! But chair might be able to do that for you.
  • Topics discussed. I’ll let the others edit if I did not get it right. Sadly I could not copy paste the chat at the end so using my memory. Maybe I am being biased! Discussions do not mean that we all agreed with each other.

Question: Is defining a Hackspace with a Trademark important?
Discussion: Some felt that it would cause funds to be spent registering and then funds spent enforcing it. Some felt that the definition might change later. Some felt it was still important to keep a clear definition.

Q: Difference between Hackspace and Makerspace?
D: Seems to be a spectrum from Hackspace-Makespace-FabLab (capital F fablab). Clear two points that hackspace has is Not for profit and Member run.

D: Very important but nothing we could discuss ATM. Quickly moved on.

Q: How to transition a non-Hackspace to a Hackspace to fit the definition as opposed to a space that is funded directly as a Hackspace.
D: Make it member run (community), transform to a limited by guarantee, articles of association. in no particular order.

Q: Is there a seasonal relation to attendance?
D: Some had anecdotal evidence of summer slow down. Others had events of summer which increased membership. Others had very active open days while other saw less and less members showing up for open days.