What is the state of play with the Hackspace Foundation?

Hi all,

James here, Director of Dundee Makerspace Ltd. I just found this site today and it seems like a great place but the foundation as a whole seems quite inactive from what I can see. Are there any plans to kick things up a gear?



Glad you’re interested James, most of the development and discussion has been happening on the Telegram chat and what hasn’t been expressed is behind the scenes development on getting the membership system working before pushing any further.

The current directors have been busy with EMFCamp for the most part, lives, and attending CCCamp, the rest of us have been working on things voluntarily.

The github is mainly where it can be seen as to what should be worked on next, as there’s an issues tracker, so I would view over there if you’re thinking of helping out.

Hi James,

We’re a bit starved for people who can actually work on the website at the moment (that is, currently it’s me, and @russ), so we’re a little stalled. If you have or know some folk with Python/Django skills who could review / comment on some patches to help out, that would be welcome.

This is the currently stalled PR


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Hey guys,

Great to hear from you both! I know a couple of people, myself included, who have python experience. It’s not our day job but we might be able to be of some use.

Please do keep me in the loop though, I 100% want to get involved and help out to make this a reality.


Thanks, good to hear! If you / people have time, installing / running through the changes in the above PR would be a good start. Or if less time, even just visually reading through the code to see if anything jumps out as being broken / missing.


… and now we’re discussing a recruitment drive and/or meetup in meatspace to try and get things moving / done - this is happening on Telegram btw.