What company contacts or organisational contacts to people have?

As some are aware, I also work for Premier Farnell, and in the past they have been amiable to sponsor EMF Camp, and have been known to happily work with Hackspaces in various capacities.

I’m also a member of the IEEE, and it’s likely that those groups or the organisation has some interest in Hackspaces too, though I should probably attend some local meetups when I find them.

What other organisational bodies or otherwise are people members of, or have contact with or in that could help Hackspaces and/or the Foundation?

FLOSS UK has sponsored hackspaces and projects previously so I think they’re worth having on the list.


At least two members of the council are hackspace orgas too :wink:


I am a member of free software foundation, member of Institute of Physics, STEM network ambassador, and I do have contacts within the National Physical Laboratory (Corporate social resposability).

It might be interesting to see if wework.com are interested. I know people who work in the London Moorgate office but that sounds like more for FabLabs.

I think the Restartproject.org are an interesting bunch. to be involved with. As well as enviormental groups are interesting for RichmondMakerLabs given their ethos.