Website Working Group


Payment Handling
Although a lot of the final discussion happened in the Web telegram group, we now have a decision on payment handling: GoCardless

We may change or add additional payment methods in the future, but for the foreseeable, we’ll work with GoCardless.

@russ already setup an HSF GoCardless account back when bank account was setup, so we’re almost ready to go with accepting payments and thus membership


Software Stack

Following discussion today the web working group (WWG) have made the following stack decisions:


As mentioned above this was selected.

This choice was made by considering the needs of member organisations, with business accounts, it was agreed that 99% of spaces would have accounts capable of direct debit and manually processing an annual BACs transfer wouldn’t be complex, and should it become an issue we’d revisit this.

The primary concern was that barclays-scrap shouldn’t be relied on as it puts more pressure on Russ to maintain it and he in effect vetoed this as the author.

We can in future look at Tide integration as they have a full API.

Python and Django

The existing site was built in this and the majority of professionals who want to help in the WWG use this throughout the day, so it seemed we’d get the best job by implementing this.

Template Django Template Language

Django guidelines suggest using DTL unless there is a real reason not to, it’s TWIG/SWIG esk so we selected this, although there was a nod to using something HAML-esk like PUG, but this isn’t a deal-breaker.


We’ve decided to use Bootstrap for now, and minor CSS changes, with a view to use SASS later as there is a python compiler for when we want to do some more substantial CSS modifications.


Web group are currently working through implementing the sign-up process - as described here (option 2 - Joe’s story):


Individual member sign-up code is complete - now in testing. Hope to release soon. Then it’s into Member Space sign-up.