Vacuum heat former

Hi all! I am looking for a vacuum heat former in London for a one-off mould with a large forming bed (min 80cmx80cm). Anyone knows where to find this?



You could ask building bloqs, they’re more likely to accommodate one-offs than many spaces.

Are you working from an existing moulding form?
Or do you need somewhere that you can make a new moulding form?

There’s also a discussion on the London Hackspace mailing list taking place here,!topic/london-hack-space/0ouTsw6FLyo

about vacuum forming machines in our current workshop.

Depending upon the type of mould, it may be creatable with a laser cutter using a SliceR approach towards the overall model.

This is how i made some of the forms that i used for metal casting.

You will need to pay attention to the post-processing, if you use this form-making technique, though. :smiley:

do they have a website or something? thanks for recommendation