UKwide online Video Discussion was: london directors Meetup

Just a reminder about next weeks Hangout, whos coming?

got the details of how we’re joining?

Reminder this is at 8pm, who is attending.

Last call before we start, the link is working now,

Tonight was a great start, we had:

  • Tom Newsom, South London Makerspace
  • Damien Axford, Swindon Makerspace
  • Chris Stanton, Leeds Hackspace

A couple people struggled to join, I would be open to suggestions to alternative systems that are easy to use like this.

Next meet: 13th April 2017

Can we start a little earlier so we can get a bit more time for talking? Would be good to get 90 minutes.


Next event is on Thursday at 20:00 details here:

We’ve decided to change up the format for future events…

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