UKHSF Branding and Flyers for events

As mentioned elsewhere we have a stand at Makers Central at the NEC Birmingham in May and 4-5 different hackerspaces and makerspaces will be there promoting the cause.

What we don’t currently have is posters/flyers and branding beyond the logo for UKHSF and time is ticking away!

Would anybody like to have a go and coming up with something?

Don’t worry too much about design skills as it can always be tweaked and improved and honestly something is better than nothing!

This is how far I got during my lunch break, does anyone have anything to put on the front, or any other FAQs for the the back?

That is an awesome start! :smiley:
IMO needs something on the front like a tag cloud of hacking/tinkering terms and activities or a bunch of cheesy photos of people doing different stuff (soldering, baking, woodwork - a nice range etc)


Even better! Do you have the source file so we can make changes etc?

The folks on Telegram also had some feedback so I’ve posted the text here:

However I feel that it would be useful for you to read through that conversation on Telegram before making changes, any leaflets about HSF should be agreed by all.

Happy to take a look if you can point me in the right direction?





Well done! Looks fantastic :slight_smile:

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All originals are online here:

The code for generating the map and a rendered PDF for print with 3mm bleed.