UK Government Announces First Multi-million Pound Investment in UK Makerspace

UK Government Announces First Multi-million Pound Investment in UK Makerspace, read more below and please share widely.

Oh well, looks like that went down like a lead balloon here, I was in a bit of a rush or I would’ve pulled a few quotes from it like:

“The stuff being developed here is absolutely cutting edge.

It is better than anything else happening anywhere in the world, well apart from every other maker space. What’s the point in being ridiculously competitive and claiming to be the best when you can’t do it without the support of similar people around the world.

“We are all going to use the technologies being developed here and we are going to be able to say they were made in Liverpool, with massive support from the maker community around the world”

In all seriousness though DoES Liverpool has moved to a new venue and we’re running a crowdfunder to help pay for it. The new space is looking great and will be amazing once finished, over 4000sqft of laser cutters, 3D printers, event space and desks. If you feel like supporting us or can maybe share our crowdfunder with your friends please take a look here:

We’re actually doing pretty well, but we’re already maxing out our budget so it’s highly likely we’ll need more than the £5k we’re targeting!



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