"Teams" we'll need, and should start planning for

We’re obviously going to have the Directors, but really they shouldn’t have much more to do than the legal things and dealing with disputes between members and spaces.

What teams do we need to form, and which ones can we kick off now?

Off the top of my head:

  • Communications (Incoming email / Twitter / Facebook / Pidgeon / Fax)
  • Web (The website, building new tools such as the map and find-a-space things)
  • Outreach (Stands at Maker Faires, etc)

I was also wondering what people thought of having a “Conflict Resolution” team who basically parachute into spaces when they are having trouble resolving disputes internally.

What have I missed?

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I’d call it a “support team” rather than conflict resolution, as it gives it a bit of a wider remit, but I certainly think it’s necessary. That would also allow for us to send people to help with moving spaces, etc.

I think outreach may want to be broadened to include talking to companies about discounts, freebies, collective bargaining, etc. Unless we want to put that under a different arm?

As we will be having physical meetups I strongly suggest an Events team. This can also potentially deal with getting word out through the comms and outreach teams about other events to hackspaces.

I think approaching companies/organisations under the collective bargaining umbrella is probably best separated from outreach. One is for gathering benefits and connections for Hackspaces, the other is about communicating what Hackspaces are about and attempting to recruit new members & start more spaces.

An events team is a great idea!

How about the collective bargaining aimed group being The Advantage Team?


I’m also going to suggest a Documentation Team, and would like to suggest some members from Manchester Hackspace who might be up for it? What are people’s thoughts?

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Another team is the team that can sign the checks. If we have 5 people that can they should clear with at least one other before approving payment.

think the check signing is a director job - keeps it simple, and counter-signing sounds reasonable, but can get quite tedious in reality

Counter signing for items over £$VALUE?

Considerations, which may have some overlap:

  • Press for public relations with companies and media
  • Finance for handling funding to spaces, the foundation’s funding and incoming sponsorship or support, and/or sales of anything, and handling any/all costs?
  • Development, website has been mentioned, but what about other tools or being the head of managing systems for all spaces to adopt?
  • Marketing and Design, for brand identity, outreach and creating plans to co-ordinate teams for public awareness