School Makerspace/Hackspace in the National curriculum

Hi All,

Been a while since I posted here ! As some if you may know I’m the co founder of Liverpool Makefest and avid maker ( normally found in DOES whenever I get time) I have opened the first School Makerspace/Hackspace in a school building in making in lessons in the national curriculum as well as plans to open it as a space for the community for free in the new year 2019.

Been really well received so more a call to say we are here than anything and hello :smile:

Can find us on Twitter at @SparkPenketh or me at @ka81.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:


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This sounds brilliant we really could do with your advice on a project we are setting up in Gloucestershire:

“We are a group of educators and makers who are developing a Saturday course in Tech Product Design. We are working with the AQA to create qualifications at the Project GCSE and EPQ level. The project is “open source” and all are working will be shared at We are seeking like minded souls to get involved and shape this project.”

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.



Oh your on Gabriel !!
In fact we are setting up a national conference now hat many teachers have
got hold of me. Also dm me at or @ka81 sort a phone
call I think
Btw fancy talking at conference ?

Caroline :slight_smile: