Rebooting the Hackspace Foundation

FYI - below is the comms that has been sent out to all the active Hackspaces across the UK (at least the ones that we’ve been able to locate contact details for) as of 16th Jan 2017.

If you’re seeing it for the first time here (on the forum), then please still reply to the survey, not least so we can update the contact database!

We’re contacting you, along with all other Hackspaces in the UK, to:

  • Bring you up to speed on the formation and plans for the UK Hackspace Foundation
  • Determine your spaces level of interest in joining the foundation

So… what’s been occurring?
Since late last year a group of ~30 directors/trustees of UK Hackspaces have been working to establish the UK Hackspace Foundation (UKHSF) as a legal entity and lay the groundwork for accepting/supporting member spaces.

The UKHSF was incorporated on the 9th Jan and we’re currently preparing to accept member applications whilst developing supporting resources in parallel (e.g. advice/information on running a space, discounts from common suppliers). Like many hackspaces, the UKHSF is a voluntary not-for-profit co-operative with a small board of directors and a membership made up of hackspaces (Member Spaces) and individuals (Supporter Members).

What’s the UKHSF going to do?
Although many aspects of the UKHSF are still a work in progress, the high level mission of the UKHSF is to promote and support community co-operative workshops (hackspaces, makerspaces, etc) which encourage technical, scientific, and artistic skills through social collaboration and education. The nominal membership fees will be reinvested in support of that mission.

Exactly how that mission is brought to life will be decided by the members, but will include:

  • Compiling advice/information on forming and running a hackspace, including case studies
  • Negotiating discounts on common services and suppliers (e.g. insurance, equipment, materials)
  • Providing focused support for new/struggling spaces - both in terms of skills/time as well as potential for funding

Who can join?
Hackspaces can apply to join if they meet the UKHSF’s definition of a Hackspace. Individuals can also apply for membership, as long as they are not acting as a representative of a Member Space. Part of becoming a member will entail agreeing to an over-arching Code of Conduct, one of many useful assets that may be borrowed/built-upon by other spaces.

See here for more information

Interested in joining?
Whilst we hammer out membership details and other infrastructure, we’d like to gauge your space’s level of interest in joining the UKHSF and whether we’ve got our priorities right!
To that end, we’d appreciate it if you could complete this quick survey.

Itching to get involved?
Join the discussion on the new forum - let us know what you’d like the UKHSF to focus on and/or what support you could offer.

What next?

  • Over the next few weeks we’ll be:
  • Collating/reviewing replies to the survey
  • Finalising key material like membership details, hackspace definition, etc
  • Ensuring critical foundation infrastructure is in place (e.g. bank account)

Overall, we’re aiming to start accepting membership applications by March and will be in touch again as soon as that’s possible.

Kind regards
The fledgling UKHSF
(Ian, Chris, Kat, Kay, Amunizp, Christopher, Russ, Jess, James, Tamarisk, Jonty, Ben, Bob, Claire, Dominic, Tom, Fligg, Matt, Jim, Peter, Kerry, Bob, Chris, Daniel, John, Luke, Mark, Damian)