Random Science Equipment give away II

  • Bio-Rad Bench Top Coater for SEM
  • Automated ZRA
  • Potentiostatand

Sadly I as of yet don’t know the state of them. But if any is of interest please let me know and I’ll do further questioning

More information:

  • Bio-Rad Bench Top Coater for SEM (will not hold a vacuum due to crack in bell jar)
  • Automated ZRA and Potentiostat GILL 8 AC (unknown condition)
  • Type D1011 Telequipment Oscilloscope (Faulty)

More details can be requested! please let me know as soon as possible to avoid it going to the skip.

They might not be working machines but maybe there are components of interest. If you want any more information or a visit I am sure I can arrange it. It is located in Southwest London, Teddington.