Plan for getting on with it (adding members/spaces etc)

Bootstrapping members - so that we can actually have elections etc:

Step 1: Nominate one person from each space of the already active persons helping out with UKHF setup already (eg on here, in the telegram group etc)
Step 2: Get nominee to prepare a summary of evidence they meet the criteria, or admit that they do not, and give a little explanation of why not. Preferably, this is mostly a link to a document or documents describing the things that meet the criteria.
Step 3: Create a way (spreadsheet?) to have several someones review currently represented spaces according to the criteria (i.e. several people signoff for each space, not their own)
Step 4: Spaces deemed applicable apply via the UI and are accepted

Initial evidence/discussion (I’m hoping mostly short) could happen on this forum so that we see how easy it is to apply the definition / find the evidence etc… out of which we make ourselves docs on how to apply it for later.

This is what we said back at the meeting, none of which has gotten off the ground… (It relied on someone/Russ approving/reviewing the form for Individuals to sign up)

See also []

  1. Richmond MakerLabs (RML) Nominates Andres Muniz (myself) to set up.
  2. Criteria met: short comings come from Ham United Group CIC (HUG) providing directors and accounting . But we believe that nominating RML rather than HUG makes more sense.
  3. I am happy to review other spaces.
  4. If accepted I am happy to apply via UI.

Having been heavily involved in developing the current website, the various policy docs and as I’m about to step down as a director at Swindon Makerspace… I’m up for joining as an individual member and/or joining as a formal director of the foundation to help move things along (and take some pressure off Russ/Jonty).

The insurance policy probably needs another kick as well - make sure it’s fit for 2019 onward.

@russ @jonty on this subject… the articles indicate a deadline for directors elections of end 2018. Any plans for how to tackle this?

There’s a slight paradox in the articles which needs fixing because at the moment we can’t do an election at all without any member spaces. We’ll fix that and, if necessary, just vote for each other.

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Since not a lot of people are stepping up, whilst I wasn’t part of the initial discussions, I did join the Oct meeting a while ago. Now I’m one of the directors of EOF Hackspace in Oxford and would like to continue participating in the process. I suppose my unsolicited contribution to the general hackspace movement was the Hackspaces Roundtable. Let me know if you’d accept my nomination so I can prepare the “paperwork” to nominate the space. I’m also happy to travel in the South of England and Midlands and visit spaces.

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