Participating in UK HSF

Until the post on the HSF Organisation category about chat medium I wasn’t aware that Telegram was being used as a regular discussion medium for HSF matters. Is there any way that us other hackspacers can get involved in these discussions in the HSF Organisation category and/or on Telegram?

Stuart (founder of Newbury Hackspace)


The telegram group was where a lot of this started, but we moved over to Discourse as the “official” communication channel (so it can be public) and deprecated it, but some chat still happens there. Given the current discussion around killing it I’m hesitant to say we should add anyone else to the channel as that will just drag things out - give it a week or so and hopefully we’ll have figured out what the plan is.

Obviously we want to have all the spaces involved and all work visible, it’s just taking a little longer to sort out the base organisation things - sorry!


Tis documented here: (README)… we’re still working on introductory docs so we can give people one place to look to see how it all works…


The live chat is an adjunct to this however if you want to join us feel free:


Ref participating the HSF Organisation category… we haven’t formalised a process for adding people, but in the interim - asking here and providing your “credentials” (i.e. which hackspace you represent and in what capacity) would prob. be sufficient. Assuming there isn’t a flood of names, then people can be manually added into the relevant group

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