OggCamp '17 has been announced

Hi All,

OggCamp 17 is the eighth Annual[*] Free Culture Unconference, promoting Free/Open Source, Open Hardware, Creative Commons and makers.

This year, OggCamp will be held in Canterbury, Kent on 19th and 20th August, and Free/Pay-What-You-Want tickets are available via the OggCamp website.

I’m not sure what the nearest Maker/Hackspace is to Canterbury, so if there’s someone local who wants to come along and be the face of Makers, then please let me know, either in this thread, or by email to jon@sprig.gs.

As it’s also all about Free Culture, the other Hack/Maker Spaces may want to let their members know about the event!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to discuss in this thread, or contact me at the address above.

[*] We missed last year, as our venue pulled out and we were unable to find another venue and give us 6 months notice to people that we were hosting it!

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I recommend that you post on this mailing list (with some other links on there):


Though it hasn’t been very active for a while, you may be able to get someone’s attention.

The next nearest makerspaces/hackspace may be :

http://www.medwaymakers.com/ or http://maidstone-hackspace.org.uk/