So… anyone from the Nottingham Hackspace in here?

If so, can you give your leader or person in charge of pushing buttons or other likewise computeresque stuffage to reply to emails plz…

I am sure I emailed some months back and again 3 weeks ago and no reply.

Infact I am sure this will be the 4th time I have emailed and had no reply over the 2 years I have been aware of the Nottingham Hackspace.

Loosing out on a member here.

Hi Mark

I’m from Nottingham, what are you looking for? Who did you email?


The contact email address on the Nottingham hackspace website page.

As for a name, not sure.

Getting to an open evening is a problem, if it were an “open day” then I could attend when my son is at school.

The one? That is very strange.

I’m afraid the only option we have is open evenings - we don’t have volunteers to open on a weekday and when we tried open days on a weekend it was not very successful.

Your son is very welcome at Open Evenings though! They start at 6:30, so you can come and get an early tour and be home before bedtime!


Hi Mark,

I’m part of the membership team at Nottinghack, and I don’t recall seeing any emails from you.

As James has mentioned, open evenings start at 6:30pm on Wed and you are welcome to bring your son along.

However, if you would like to visit at a weekend, then we have an event next Sat (13/10/18). It’s our Crapathon. See link for details:

I’ll be there from before mid-day to early evening, and would be happy to take a break from my project to show you around.


Maybe yahoo filters caught “Hack” in the domain destination.

I have known Yahoo do weird things like emails I have been subscribed to for years suddenly being flagged as spam.

What I wanted to know is if the HS has any use for a couple of VGA CRT colour monitors.

Thanks for considering us, but we have no use for CRT monitors.

OK, thought I’d ask.