New space, East Essex Hackspace

Just incorporating at present.

FYI you can now as of yesterday incorporate IN01 for CIC online (my lucky day)

Will be based near Hockley/Rochford in Essex.

Also how do I get onto Telegram?

Sorted, thanks.

Hello Tim

I’d love to ask you some questions about why you chose CiC over say Ltd by guarantee or some other entity. Would it be okay to email you?


Yes of course, FYI we chose CIC for a couple of reasons, mainly non-profit status plus we’re working with other like minded groups. I think we wanted to distance ourselves from a business as such.

Hey Tim,

Congrats again on the new space :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose you can tell me whats changed? I thought you could always do this for CICs (though its been a long time since we tried)


CICs required paper forms and a £35 fee. It’s now £27 and you can submit the form online. I rang companies house because the guidance I had said “you need to do a paper form” but online it stated I could do it online. Apparently this option only became available on Monday. Basically you could register a company online but would then have to do form CIC37(?) Which would convert the CIC from a private company to a CIC. We could use form CIC36 and upload it directly as a PDF. Instead of two weeks, it took 1 day.

Worth noting for others in future that if you register as a CLG + non-profit clause people don’t see you as a business because you are able to say you are a non-profit and 90% of funding allows charities and non-profits, however a CLG doesn’t have the asset tax lock and other faff.