New Hackspace - Doncaster Hackspace

Or should that be New New Hackspace.
There was a Doncaster Hackspace which appears to have become moribund. We did attempt to contact them via Facefook PM but got no reply. So we have created a New New Hackspace for Doncaster.

If there is anyone left reading here from the Old Doncaster Hackspace please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Even if it is only to compare notes and reminisce.

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You should add the space…

Having expended this weeks frustration quota dealing with entries on and there was no clashing entry on there.

I was a bit reticent to just leap in and do that as there is currently another entry with the same name and I wasn’t sure if the site would cope with it well.

But lets give it a spin and see.



Ok sorted.

It had not appeared on the map just yet, I will check back later.



It turns out that it’s probably in an email box which I don’t have access to so waiting for others to responds on the Telegram channel… Have you joined there it might be a good resource for a new space!

Doncaster Hackspace (or was it Makerspace?) has, I think, been moribund for several years. I did attempt to make contact about 2015/2016.

Glad to know things are starting up again.

Hi Tim

I believe we have exchanged some emails, looking forward to meeting up with you.

I just checked back here after having a quick look to see if we had made it onto the big map, but not just yet. So had not seen your post here. Apols.



I have no experience of telegram as yet, but will have a look at it.

TBH I struggle with all the email accounts I have, as well as the Hackspace contact methods. As you can probably tell from how infrequently I get to catch-up/post here.

We have set up a freenode channel though #DoncasterHackspace, fuchs and the guys over there were pretty awesome, I can not recommend freenode enough.



E-mails to bounced, seemingly because your reply-to contains a typo. Might want to look into that.