New Hackspace - Darlington Makerspace

There is a new makerspace opening up in Darlington - North East UK
Just wanted to make an announcement and get it out there.
Its early days but we have space secured in a local community hub.
Come check us out at Facebook
Or google groups!forum/darlington-makerspace



HI @jay_s_uk, your google group is currently not set to public so it’s impossible for anyone else to see it at present, if that’s your intention :slight_smile:
Congrats on getting the space!

Well spotted.
All fixed now

That’s a nice looking space, congrats! We’ll try to send a delegation from Teesside Hackspace to come visit at some point. We’ve had a few visitors in the past from around Darlington area who liked the idea, but wished they had something closer, so I’ve put a post up on our Slack, hopefully it might net you a new member or two :slight_smile:

That’ll be great to get some visitors. We’re having our first get together on Wednesday 18th March at 6pm. We’ll more than likely meet up on a Wednesday evening to begin with but hopefully the interest grows and we’ll be able to open most evenings and weekends. I’ll have to pay you a visit too.

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