New group - Bromsgrove/Droitwich Area

Hi everyone!

New to Hackspace but I know the concept well. This site is an inspiration, so hopefully you don’t mind me wading in with a proposal for a new group in south Birmingham / north Worcestershire / Wychavon DC!

I’d love to see how much interest there is in my local area, which is Bromsgrove / Droitwich.

Know anyone who lives round there who might like to help get the ball rolling? Please share!

I’ve set up a Google Group to help gauge interest:!forum/bromsgrove-droitwich-makerspace

Short URL:

Thanks all!

You might want to make it so your google group is open for people to post/join it more readily and see the posts within it, at the moment you have to ‘join’ it purposefully with a google account. This can make people shy away from it a bit, especially if they don’t know it’s already active.

Have you spoken to the people at fizzpop at all? You might find like minded/local people whom attend there currently?

Hi - thanks for the tip - I’ll check out the settings.

Yes, I’m in touch with fizzPOP - I’m just wary I don’t want to “poach” folk!

I’ve established both Facebook and Twitter feeds to make engagement easier:

Please feel free to spread the word amongst anyone in the area! is also great to setup and get casual interest.

I think the last time I looked at signing up for meetup I bumped into a $99 dollar joining fee which as a space we can’t at present justify, was I taking the wrong path or is this fee unavoidable ?

It’s $15 per month-ish for an organizer account which can cover 3 meetup groups.

There is no $99 joining fee for running a meetup group.

Quick update! We’re getting some really good traction locally - several local councillors on board, talking to various community groups about doing some events in their venues,and negotiating some pretty cool sponsorship for a stand we’re running at Space Day in Worcester in October.

Thanks to y’all for the help and advice!