Mailing list mode reply: CURRENTLY FIXED

Sorry, we completely missed that Discourse needs a whole load more setup so people can actually REPLY to emails they get in Mailing List Mode.

Fixing it as soon as we can, but it might take a day or so. Sorry everyone :’(

I think this is now fixed. Hopefully. It required a rather large amount of yak-shaving.

Someone will need to reply to a notification email generated after now to test it.

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Apparently I have to write at least 20 characters to test this…

Rather annoyingly there’s a 20 character minimum on posts.

Can we get rid of that or is there a compelling reason to keep it? I
suspect we’re going to start seeing ipsum otherwise…

Huzzah, so that last post from me came in by email.

It appears to be a forum-level setting that applies to posts on the web
UI too, I’m going to track it down and reduce it.

10chars? 5? 1?! What should we run with?

Ok, it’s been dropped to 1, and title to 5. Hopefully that’s ok.

Thanks to everyone that’s jumped onto sorting this.