Levels of membership and marks

So, from other discussions, I think we’ve got it more or less hammered out that there will be three sorts of relationship a space can have with us:

1: A member space – this means that the space meets the definition of a hackspace and pays it’s dues, or does whatever other formal steps need to be taken to be a voting part of the hackspace foundation.
2: A recognized space – a space that meets the definition of a hackspace, but doesn’t form part of the hackspace foundation – they haven’t gotten around to doing the paperwork, decides the dues aren’t worth it, whatever.
3: An associated organization – an organization that isn’t a hackspace by our definition, but we like them anyway, and want to make that clear.

The purpose of this post isn’t to debate exactly where the line should be between these three categories, or what the definition should be – that’s for other posts. The question here is if these categories are well-named, if there are enough of them, and how spaces can show them off.

Using [hsf logo] to mean the H-with-hammers logo, or whatever logo we decide to replace it with (again, out of scope for this thread). [space logo] is the logo of the individual space. [Space] is the name of the space in question.

[space logo]∈[hsf logo] [Space] is a member of the UK Hackspace Federation.
[space logo]+[hsf logo] [Space] is recognized as a Hackspace by the UK Hackspace Federation.
[space logo],[hsf logo] [Space] is an Associated Organization of the UK Hackspace Federation.

In all cases, the image (both logos and the character in the middle) should be a link to a page on the HSF wiki explaining what it means, as should “a member of”, “is recognized as” and “associated organization”.

Um… replace federation with foundation?

and I think it’d be useful to outline how these logos/statements might be used, beyond the HSF website, to sense check the imagery/text

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Three categories are good with me. As normally if you list yourself in Hackerspace.org you would consider yourself a Hackerspace. This sets boundaries fir the joining of UK-foundation.

I thought of proposing what clearly isn’t a hackerspace, but this can very quickly get out of hand.