Lasers for Makers Event at ICAH, London 22 May

Lasers for Makers – 22 May - London

Want to learn about how to get the most out of your laser cutter?
Thinking of buying a cheap laser cutter for educational or hobby use?
Not sure about materials, machines and safety implications?
Looking to connect to a community?

What: Laser for Makers workshop

When: 22 May 4.00 – 9.00 pm (includes canapes and drinks) – Register & drop in

Where: Imperial College Advanced Hackspace , Wood Lane LONDON W12 7TA

This first-of-its-kind event will bring together laser experts and users to explore how the desktop/compact CO2 laser cutters are being put to best use in small businesses, prototyping workshops, schools and hackspaces.

Laser cutting using compact and affordable CO2 lasers of the plotter style is perhaps the biggest single application area and represents the biggest share of the market by number of units. This workshop will provide useful knowledge about the technology, software, materials and applications available to sole traders, small businesses, hobbyists, teachers and students.

The modern compact laser cutter can be a very low cost machine. At this workshop, we aim to help users get the most from these machines - using them more safely and achieving a better quality result. For many people this type of laser will be the first one they will come across (in school, college or university) and the use of laser cutting and engraving allows a whole range of unique and innovative designs to be realised.

This event is brought to you by Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) and Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH)

Kind regards,

Dave MacLellan

Executive Director, Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU)


Where do we register? I don’t see the event listed on the ICAH website.

Info is here:
Register on Eventbrite here:

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Thankyou, done.

Any chance of doing another of these not in London?

Hi Andy,
At the moment this is the only event planned of this type - however if the community is keen and attendance is good, we are open to repeating it and moving it around the UK. Where would you propose to run it? How many people could you get there?
This community is the biggest laser community in the UK (by number of units sold per year) but we don’t have their contact info - so we need to spread the word - can you help?
Kind regards

I suspect that an event in the West (Bristol?) would be successful, as well as one in Yorkshire.
I am a laser cutter addict but I’m not a social person or organiser so could at best enlist a dozen people but if it was suitably advertised among the Hackspace community and the up and coming civic makerspace community in particular you should have no trouble making it worth your while.
Both local councils and universities are looking to start up makerspaces so would be interested to hear more about using lasers - they bring in punters so knowing more about how they can be used seems a nobrainer.

Thanks for a great event and tour of the Advanced Makerspace!!

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