Laser cutting / engraving recommendations and pointers

Hi all,

I am a complete novice in the world of lasers and was wondering you any of you would be willing to share some of your knowledge.

I am looking to start cutting and engraving using a laser machine. It will be mainly small gift like things made from acrylic, wood, card, leather and possibly engraving of metal.

Due to my lack of knowledge I am struggling to figure out the minimum requirements I will need from the laser cutter. From my research so far I think I would need at least an 80W, with an adjustable bed approximately 600x900, but I am clueless about the rest.

I would like the laser and software to be easy to use and fairly quick in cutting. Also, as I am only just starting out, preferably something that won’t blow the budget, I’m looking around £2k but happy to stretch up to £4-5k if necessary.

It would be much appreciated if you guys could give me any pointers on what I need to look for or any recommendations.

Thank you in advance

@ChickenGrylls ^