Job Vacancy

Hi Guys,

I hope I don’t violate your code of conduct by this post.

My name is Michal I work for one of recruitment agencies in London. For my client, a global leader in tech industry I am looking for a robotics lab technician. The hiring manager is particularly keen on people who are coming from hacker space / maker space background :slight_smile:

If you know:

  • CAD

  • CNC, 3D priniting

  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Please do get in touch.



I don’t know about violating code of conduct etc., but, most recruiters, give more detail about the potential role they are looking to fill…
For example… Job Location, Permanent/Contract(+length/terms), Salary/Rate, benefits

No point anyone saying they are interested, if the job is the other side of the world for 3 months, with no travel/ benefits package.

Sorry to be slightly negative, but you need to be more open and forthcoming…

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I approved it as it got flagged for spam, but couldn’t be bothered writing this so thanks Paul.