Interposer Hexpansion for EMF Camp 2024 badge for Sale


It was suggested to me I should try posting here so this gets out to poeple who went to EMF and may be interested in this Hexpansion

I wanted a breakout hexpansion for my EMF camp badge, to try and experiment and while “The Untitled Goose” had created one, I didnt see them, or they were sold out, at the Night Market.

With his kind permisison, (he even generated me the gerbers) I’ve had a load made to sell on effectivly like a group buy. I’m not looking to make a profit on these just cover the costs as you may realise by the price.

The details are all here… - Contact details are on that page or message me here and hopefully the notificaiotn will get to me…

Note THIS IS A KIT, You need to do the soldering!! Each kit is 75p Plus the postage so I’ selling them at 1 Kit - £2.50, 2 Kits - £3.25, 3 kits - £4, 4 Kits - £4.70, 5 Kits - £5:50…

If hackspaces want to order a bulk lot I can combine postage. Thanks to an order from York Hackspace I know I can get about 14 in a package and still be in the 100g post bracket (2nd class - large letter), 15 kits upwards will strays intp the next price bracket. It was 97g for the kits and the box, but the sellotape pushed it over the edge :slight_smile:

I also get to a few Bsides and will be at Basingstoke, London and the fabulous Steelcon if you are interested in one.

NOTE I’m away all next week (22nd of June to the 30th of June) and the boards will not be with me so please bear with me for a short delay…


Sorry for the 2nd post as a newcomer I could only put 1 image in a post.