At Farset Labs we use Slack for community comms, and have managed to get their NFP standard account, which is eligable for setting up Shared Channels, however these shared channels are only available between “Paid” or “Charity” accounts.

We’re not comfortable linking the charities slack instance with private interests for obvious conflict of interest stuff, but if there were any other NFP spaces across the UK that use Slack for their comms, it’d be cool to test out these kind of “inter-space” wormholes :smile:

Hello Andrew, That sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately the Slack for Charities programme in the UK only applies to Charities, at South London Makerspace as a Director I spent a very long time appealing to them about this and they showed absolutely no interest in the maker/hacker scene.

Additionally there are no UK Hackspaces that have successfully applied for charity status, so there are likely no spaces that use Slack in the UK.

I wonder if anyone has any contacts at Slack Ireleand that we might appeal to.

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We use Slack at Hitchin Hackspace, but so far we have managed with the free account, and some careful management and deletion of old messages…anything that needs to be kept permanently is transferred over to our Wiki…

Sadly although in USA ‘NFP’ or ‘Not For Profit’ companies can get Slack premium for free, they require you to register through a third party as a charity in the UK before getting access to Slack premium rather than only saying to Slack that you’re a ‘not for profit’. It’s sad times.

fears he may have opened a can of worms

Well, Farset Labs is a Charity, but I wouldn’t wish that process on anyone (We emphasise the educational, outreach and upskilling impacts of a voluntary community rather than member-focused impact and facilitiation; it’s a narrow line to dance around…)

Now, we got into the charities commission through a bit of a strange route where the Charities Commission in Northern Ireland was… broken… when we launched and managed to get HMRC X-reg to make sure we got rates relief (otherwise we’d never survive with the model we have).

So then we kinda got “grandfathered” when the charities commission started back up again, but the paperwork process back and forth between Charities Commission, Companies House and Accountants easily took 6 months.

Was reminded of this thread by another director at Farset.

Just for the record, and considering the political timing, it’s relevant; Belfast is still in the UK, and Slack Ireland have nothing to do with it. (Lovely bunch of folks though!)

But yeah, we’ve been a UK registered charity for over 3 years now (and were HMRC X-reged for 5 years before that)