HUGE amount of discrete electronic components FREE

Hi there, we were donated recently a quite ridiculous amount of decent sized resistors, capacitors and the like. Mostly through-hole olde-worlde stuff, the kind of stuff for building analogue radios, fixing old kit, amplifiers etc. Some of the resistors are fairly high power and some of the caps are pretty big.

I’m still in the middle of organising it in some kind of logical way, so I will upload some photos soon.

But basically we have here more discrete components than we could ever use, so if there are any other hackspace organisers passing our gaff then do pop in and you can basically help yourselves to a selection of components for your hackspace. If you would like to donate something (equipment/cash) to Hackspace in return, then that’s appreciated. Or you could spend some time helping me organise the components, which would be equally appreciated!

Director, Leigh Hackspace

Worth pinging me a message to let me know you’re coming - probably the best way to do so would be on Twitter @leigh_hackspace or @marcus_baw

We’re at Leigh Hackspace, it’s a small town you’ve probably never heard of, dead centre of the country, just off the M6 J23 Haydock, M62 J9 Winwick, and M60 J13/14. WN7 2PW.