Health & Safety Audit

I’ve noticed there has been quite a bit of discussion around Health & Safety, We have had to go to extremes as a result of our building being council owned.

I thought it might be useful to share our audit, performed by a health and safety consultant instructed by the council.


Hey p0welly,

Thanks for sharing . Too often safety is an afterthought in spaces . Interesting read and shows what can be done.

Thank you for sharing that Andy!

Looks like a reasonable safety audit with appropriate recommendations.


Yeah they were actually really helpful (not as scary as we expected).

Everything that they asked for has either been done, or is in the process of being done, and there is no reason it cant be replicated across the majority of spaces.

The key points seemed to be apart from having written procedures and risk assessments

  • Machines need to be fixed down
  • Must have emergency stop ( we had to add one to our table saw)
  • Cutting tools must stop within 10 seconds
  • You have to have lock out devices available, (we went for the padlock type)

Funnily enough he said we were already well ahead of the schools and factories he usually audited.