Handling incoming HSF communications

So we’re going to open this Discourse up to the world, and presumably also create a HSF “members” area where they can discuss things in private - and probably a Directors one too.

That’s great, however we also have the incoming contact@hackspace.org.uk address which currently just hits up Russ and I. I’d like to propose firing it into Helpmonks as they have a free non-profit plan https://helpmonks.com

Thing is, who mans that address? Should we just give access to Directors, or should we have a comms “team”?

yes to helpmonks, and a comms team makes sense (inc directors)

Definitely agree to a comms team (how they manage things between themselves is another matter).
I’d suggest if Directors are there for legal rather than admin purposes, then they get access but aren’t actually expected to deal with responses, unless they’re part of the comms team too.

Directors should probably have directors@ for legal issues.

I may not make sense, it’s early in the morning and I’m going to let some thoughts go onto the page, here’s my initial reaction:

If you have a comms team, then that sounds like having a ‘public relations’, and then that also suggests whether or not that extends to other communications such as social media aside from e-mail, which then bleeds into marketing in general, and leads me to thoughts of who handles relationships with:

  • Hackspaces
  • Businesses / contractors (for the purpose of sponsorship, helping to get quotes for any work that needs doing)
  • Regulatory or legal bodies
  • The public

And an outlined approach of what that looks like, whether we care or turn down approaches from companies, how that’s arranged with the foundation, what would that look like in relation to individual hackspaces?

For now, for a contact@hackspace.org.uk, I would say the directors would have access and visibility on it. If it scales to the workload and inbound e-mails being too much for directors to act on then that needs a comms team to prioritise messages coming in and you have the identification of cookie cutter type replies, to raising important ones with the directors, or forwarding them to if there’s a marketing team.

Though, these roles may overlap I guess?

A comms team of some sort sounds like a sane plan to me (HacMan are orging in teams and it sounds like its working)… As few things as possible should devolve to the Directors, they should be a last resort in general.

If we end up with a comms team, then yes, we should also define which other methods of communication they will cover, and likely other teams for other things that need doing…

Have created a Helpmonks account ready to manage inbound email… which raises the question, who wants to be in the initial comms team?

o/ go on then.

And more jargon because discourse wanted my post to be 20 characters long…

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I would also nominate Fligg.

Following telegram discussion, the following are our initial helpmonks “comms team”:

Shout if you’d like to be included


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@castaway and @theorbtwo also added

Next step is to forward mail from contact@hackspace.org.uk to helpmonks mailbox… Russ sorting out when he gets a chance

Happy to do so, although I will need to know which address to forward it to…

sweet, thanks and 58235ab64e82085dbd736752@helpmonks.net


OK, that’s now done.

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thanks - tested and working ok