Hackspace Meetup at Maker Faire Newcastle this weekend


As is traditional, we’ll be meeting on Friday night from 7pm-ish at The Union Rooms in Newcastle - everyone welcome, Hackspace member or not.

There were concerns about meeting in a Wetherspoon, but fortunately a local businessman bought The Union Rooms last year so it is no longer a controversial venue!

We’ll be in the small room to the right of the door as usual, hopefully we’ll be able to take it over fairly quickly.

See you there,

I should note that google is made of lies - it’s certainly not closed.

I won’t be there until tomorrow afternoon, but I fully expect everyone to also go to the pub Saturday and maybe Sunday night too.

@barnoid You would be correct about Saturday at least!

We (Teesside Hackspace Trustees) will try to make it - we’ll probably end up turning up a bit later than 7 though, as we’ll be heading through after work.

Don’t worry! People will be there until the pub closes, and then …probably other pubs. Oh dear.

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Quick note: The Maker Market will be running until 9pm, so people may not arrive until then. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/makers-market-tickets-32402050405