Hackspace Meetspace!

So, we’ve recently had a few discussions and chats that have made it apparent that a meet up is definitely needed outside of the digital world, and that’s beside the allure of cake from someone if we do meet up.

Such a meet up will allow us to get a grip on projects that we need to work on for the foundation, learn from each other about best practice within hackspaces, and also put faces to names. And that’s beside what I’m sure will be an awesome after party.

To that end, we now have a doodle poll to allow us to thrash out a date!


Please fill it in, and help us to plan what we hope will be a great founding event!


I can see location being contentious. Where in Birmingham could it be?

Done, if it turns out to be on a Sunday and is too far away then i wont be able to make it without organising staying somewhere - Trains to/from Lancaster suck on a Sunday.

Location can be sorted after a date - then we can figure out what locations and venues are available rather than setting our hearts on a city and failing to find anywhere IMHO.

Is this for any interested parties, or just those who are currently working on the HSF?


All interested parties.



Done (very late).