Hackspace group insurance

anyone knows whats going on at Export & General and what effects it might have on the hackspace specific insurance scheme ?
At the start of the month we had an email from John Mitchell, who was our original contact there, saying there had been a company reorg and could we sign an acknowledgement of this.
Now i just got an email from someone claiming to be the proprietor of export & general saying this was a scam and could we sign something else un-acknowledging the change.

Wtf. sounds like some acrimonious split, with John trying to keep the customers he negotiated this insurance with and the remains of L&G trying to keep hold of a business they now wont understand.

Can anyone comment if this is an accurate summary ? or know whats really going on ?

Best to speak on Telegram I suspect as they’ve been discussing it there.

For those (like me) that not aware that there is a Hackspace Foundation group on Telegram - it can be found here :slight_smile:

I replied to John saying that we wouldn’t sign their transfer letter, but are happy to receive a quote from them in addition to what we are expecting from Export & General.