Hackspace DIY furniture

Last year, we (Swindon Makerspace) moved into our first private space and suddenly had to fit out a quite a large space on the cheap. To keep cost down, we ended up building a lot of the furniture/fittings ourselves and published the designs such that a lot of the membership could get involved with the construction:

The 3 core designs were folding tables, side benches and simple bar stools:

We able built about 30m of shelving, but haven’t got round to drawing up plans for that (can do if anyone is interested).

In a couple of months we hope to start construction on a mezzanine floor, which will bring the need for some further furniture designs… in prep, I’m curious to know if other spaces have designed/built their own furniture, how successful it’s been and/or if you have pictures/plans to share?


We(South London Makerspace)'ve just finished building (and are now fitting out) new electronics benches. No plans unfortunately - they were templated 1:1 on site.

The small one on the right might go somewhere else


benches look great - MDF/plywood for the most part? (looking at the pic)

All ply, with supports routed out of the uprights so no ugly corner brackets :slight_smile:

EDIT: Now kitted out and in use

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so far most of our furniture has been very generic/multi-purpose… look forward to expanding and building some more specialised furniture later this year, including electronics area and hopefully 3D print area too.