FTIR Gas Analyser

Hi I know of a local institution that would want to dispose of a FTIR Gas Analyser.

The instrument was bought in the 90’s and has been used to measure corrosive substances, so isn’t exactly in perfect condition. It may well not be of any use to anyone. It contains silicant drying gel and a laser, so could be hazardous if someone tried to take it apart. There is also a similarly old computer associated with the instrument that we would want to get rid of too. Presumably IT would need to wipe the hard drive before it could be recycled or disposed of.

Frankly, I had to look up FTIR. If you have any further questions please let me know and I will forward it on and answer to the benefit of everyone.

Oooh, that looks like it’d be fun to play with. Where is “here”, what interface does the gas analyzer speak to the outside world, how big is it, does it take normal 240 VAC or would it need three-phase? Do they have software to go with it that they are willing to give to the recipient (IE disks, given that they are probably wiping the hdd of the computer that goes with it…)

BTW – I really mean “play with”, and have no idea what I’m doing. If anybody who has a clue wants it, they can have first dibs.

Thanks, James “theorbtwo” Mastros, Swindon Makerspace

Sadly I did not get feedback on this. If you are still interested I can insist again. Hopefully it is not in the skip.

IK, finally more information came my way. It it was considered un-safe so are now removing availability.