Festival of Maintenance returns on 8th October 2022 [online]

I’d like to forward this announcement about the Festival of Maintenance, which I’m helping to organise. I know from being involved in the maker space at DoES Liverpool that maintaining is of interest to many in the Maker movement, so please can you share with your members.

The Festival of Maintenance returns in 2022.

Join us on Saturday 8th October (10am to 4pm) to hear from maintainers far and wide. Tickets are £10 or pay what you can.

As ever we are interested in learning about the breadth and depth of maintenance activities - across tech, governance, ecology, architecture and the public realm. This will be our third festival - you can access recordings of our previous talks on our youtube channel.

This year, we’ll be approaching maintenance with the same broad lines of inquiry - maintaining buildings, truth, media, communities and hope.

We have three broad themes we will visit on the day:

Maintaining hope: Creating kinship and bringing people together

In a time of crisis, how can imagination and hope to create kinship between human and more-than-human worlds?

  • Phoebe Tickell - Moral Imaginations
  • Elizabeth Slade - Unitarian Church

Maintenance and Change: Planning for/mitigating climate change, land, architecture and the public realm

Climate emergency, an ageing population and the high cost of heating homes are all problems requiring radical solutions. But what happens when these solutions seem impossible to achieve? How can we use maintenance practices to change and adapt to these new conditions?

  • Hana Loftus, HAT Projects
  • Paulina Kolata, Researcher, Japanese Buddhist temples and material culture
  • Sam Siva, Land in Our Names

Information Maintenance : nurturing truth and narrative through the web

The internet is our source of information and archive, but it is increasingly clear that truth and narrative require vigilant investment and maintenance. How can we maintain the truth, and tell the story of how we got there?

  • James Higgot, NHS Covid Hub
  • Andy Dudfield, Full Fact
  • George Oates, Flickr Foundation

You are welcome to join us for a day of fascinating presentations, questions and discussion, 10am to 4pm. We’ll also be hosting drinks at a venue in Liverpool afterwards for those who are local!

The final programme with timings will be published on our website this week.

Find out more and get your tickets here