Exhibitor Insurance & Demonstrations

I was wondering if anyone had experience in sorting insurance for partaking in events as an exhibitor and doing demos. I’ve been looking at exhibitor insurance for our stall at Cheltenham Science Festival but it seems anything such as 3D Printers etc. wouldn’t be covered as part of public liability. I’ve been suggested product insurance to get as well so i’m currently looking at that but it doesn’t seem a great fit for just having a 3D printer / laser cutter going on in the background. Any ideas?

We have it as part of our public liability insurance for the space - it covers us for 5 external events each year.

If you are selling anything, then product liability is also a good idea, but you don’t need it for demos.

Another important thing to consider is employer liability - we were advised than any volunteers become “employees” for the duration of the time that they are volunteering - we have this both for our internal and external events.