Downsizing! Loads of stuff up for grabs (EOF Hackspace, Oxford)

Hi everyone,

Due to unfortunate financial circumstances we’ve needed to downsize our space at a fairly short notice. We’ve got a bunch of stuff that we’d rather not throw away and, given that other spaces have helped us in the past, we thought this might be a good chance to return the favour.

Included below are pictures of items that are free for the taking. We’ve been in a bit of a rush, so I don’t have many details about these items yet, but if you have any questions please ask them here. I’ll be back in the space on Wednesday to take more photos and info.

We’re based in north Oxford. We unfortunately don’t have the resources to deliver these items so you’ll need to come around and pick them up.

The goal is to get rid of as much of this stuff as possible before this coming Saturday when we have to relinquish the room. We may be able to hold on to some items for a bit longer if a pickup is guaranteed.

Anyway, here are the images. I’m also posting these internally and to other local orgs so some items may get claimed without notice here.

TV & Remote

Various books

6 light panels + drivers. Only 5 working when last checked a few years ago

Various storage

Plotter / Vinyl cutter

Plenty of small bits and bobs (way more than this)


Everyone loves a (probably) broken 3D Printer

Air Compressor?

Vintage electronics?

Spools of various wire

Racks, laptop bags, electric consumption meter?

Maplin Display Unit (from their going-out-of-business sale)

3 weird displays (empty. nothing inside)

There’s also a large office cabinet. I’ll add pictures on Wednesday.

Our discord:
Our address: Aristotle House, 1 Aristotle Ln, Oxford OX2 6TP

Aw, sad to hear! I am tempted by those light panels… (for personal use, if that’s ok with you)

Jess (Swindon, happy to collect)

Fine by me :slight_smile: Can you come around on Wednesday? Our social night starts at 7pm.

Milton Keynes Makerspace would love the plotter if it’s not already accounted for :blush:.


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LHS are after a server or 2… do you have make/model info? Also prob some books. Thanks, Paddy

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Sounds good. Let me know when you’d like to pick it up. Tomorrow evening is our social/open night, but I can open the space up later in the week as well.

I’ll try and get that info tomorrow. Let me get back to you.

Cool thanks… and Knuth books to be specific… I can pop by any evening, I live not far away… Cheers


That’s ours too! Yes can do, will make a nice change. I can nab+hacpost some stuff for other folks that’ve commented if they like (can do an MK trip, or take stuff to EMF if folks like)

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Hey, another member, and myself if I can get out of work in time will pop down tommorow eve, 7-7:30 probably if that works for you?

Thanks :blush:

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Yup, that works. I should be there for 7 but if I’m running late Krisztian will be able to show you to the room/stuff.

See you tomorrow!

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I’m pasting a note from the original donator:

HP ProLiant DL380 specs:

  • 2x Xeon X5660
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 2 x 146 GB SAS HDDs

AFAIK none of them have been modified. I’ll still see what additional info I can dig up tomorrow.

Thanks Yves, I’ll see what my colleagues say… Also are the books still going? I can come by this evening and I’ll know about the servers by then …
Cheers Paddy

Yup, the books are still unclaimed.

Thanks to everyone who visited us during our social. It was nice to meet you all!

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