Creative Coding: After School Club for 11-18 year olds

My work is launching it’s new After School Club that was mean to launch back in March as a physical club in Camberwell for local young people 11-18 years old. Its now being launched online with a number of events coming up every week from this thursday.

Please share these with your local schools, teachers parent groups

An Intro to 3D Modelling & Design – 21st May @ 16:00

In Conversation With Emerging Artists and Designers – 28th May @ 16:00

3D Modelling; Galleries – 4th June @ 16:00

Basic Guide ot Speaking to Your Computer – 11th June @ 16:00

Building Musical Instruments with Machine Learning – 16th June @ 16:00

Create Your Own Mouse Cursor Using p5.js - 18th June @ 16:00