Chester, North Wales & Wirral Hackspace

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This is my first public communication on the idea of launching a new hackspace to serve the Chester, West Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales areas.

I have identified, at sensible cost, potential premises on a serviced business centre site in Chester. I am open to making a personal financial commitment and I’m looking for partners; individuals or organisations, who are willing to invest their time and taking a stake - if that’s what they wish to do. My first and very highest priority is to identify like minded individuals who can see the benefit of a hack or maker space for this area which is currently un-served. As far as I am aware the nearest hackspaces are currently Liverpool and Manchester.

My broad thinking is to setup a space that at the least covers its costs by offering interest not limited to, or prioritised by the following key topics or words: creativity, hacking, coding, web dev, computing; Linux, Windows, Mac; raspberry pi, arduino, robotics, drones, 3D printing & modelling, energy (e.g. OpenEnergyMonitor), insulation, solar, wind, EVs, home networking, broadband improvement (e.g. WISP & fibre), home AV, video production, amateur radio & electronics, DIY repairs, tool library, training inc. Wordpress for example and so on.

I see the opportunity for a club type approach where the space is part drop-in desk or bench space, access to test equipment, an interesting lecture programme on the above and other relevant topics, mutual support of members with their projects etc.

I am a member of a long standing local amateur radio club with experience of the challenges in maintaining an interesting programme, membership and finance. In my business life I have current and broad experience of IT, analogue & digital electronics engineering, project management and operating a serviced office as both tenant and landlord.

As I say above this is my first pitch to start to garner interest and as well as reading the ‘start a space’ on this site I am sharing my ideas with others locally although not yet in a formal way.

Is anyone out there interested? If so I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Hi Steve!

Are you aware of the existing hackspace effort in Chester based up on the rows in The Funky Aardvark? They go by a few names including “The Inventors Asylum” and “AreaFiftyOne” - I’ve not visited for a year or so, but I think they’re still there.


Hi Jonty, Yes, come to think of it my wife and I did have a browse around there a year or two back but ahead of having these ideas. Next time I’m in Chester I’ll pop in, if they’re there, and have a chat. Are you local to Chester - and if so interested in getting involved in some way?

Thank you for your response.


Hi Steve,

No but I do have family there so visit frequently - if they’re no longer around I have contacts with the community in Chester (and the details for the people who used to run it) and can put you in touch!


Hi Jonty, It looks like ‘Inventors Asylum’ are operating from near Wrexham now with contact info on their website. 'The Inventors Asylum / Funky Aardvark look like they have closed in Chester. If you could share the contact info you have I would be grateful.

Thank you,