Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

Cheltenham Hackspace have been fortunate enough to get a table at Cheltenham Science Festival from 6th to 11th June. More specifically we’re going to be part of their ‘MakerShack’ a 15x20m tent full of hands on-creative STEM stuff.

We’re there all week and as part of this have wrangled the ability to have an ‘information kiosk’ of sorts next to our table which i thought would be good to;
a) point the general public to where their local hackspace is since we get visitors and speakers from all over the country.
b) Plug the UK Hackspace Foundation.

We acquired a few 40" monitors ages ago which we could use to show a map of the UK and dots for various hackspaces (an electronic version of the hackspace map that goes to maker-faire etc). This obviously could range from a simplistic webpage that throws up a map to something interactive that get’s people to send off requests for details from their local space.

As we’ll be focusing on what we’re going to provide for the hands on interactive stuff and mainly because we’ve got a total lack of web devs at the space. Would anyone be interested in creating something we can stick on the screen?

If anyone’s got any ideas for stuff to go on the screen other than a map i’m all ears. What’s going to best showcase UK Hackspace org and Hackspaces around the UK?

Director - Cheltenham Hackspace


Sounds interesting! Maybe a slideshow of images of things various hackspaces have made/done, with some obvious indicator that you can pause it to find one near you.

I’d suggest it needs to be “doing something”, not static, if nobody is interacting with it.

I’d be happy to help out with it.