CEL Robox 3D Printers

Hi folks, we recently replaced our 3D printers at Hack Oldham and now are looking to sell our 2 old printers. These are sold as seen (not working) but won’t take a lot to get them running again, in need of new heads and a general service

Printer 1: (£250) with a roll of filament
imgur link since I cannot upload images?

Printer 2 (£250) without filament

Let me know if you are interested

Hey, I am Jared, I would be interested in purchasing these two printers.
I would like to offer you £350 for both if you are interested, as the replacement heads are not super inexpensive.
Feel free to call me on 07929596513

it is probably worth me mentioning that these would end up either at EOF hackspace (of which I am a member) or at MakeOxford (of which I am a technician), they would be mine, but they would be used by many.
I have owned and still own a robox, so I am aware of their unique quirks.


If the machines are available, I will meet the asking price