Building the new website

So far while we’re working on lots of new content, we’ve not got anybody working on the website. Do we have people willing to work on this in the near future?

When you say nobody… Are you including me in that count?

There’s a card for this which I’ve just moved to In Progress on the board.

It has @NotQuiteHere’s face on it :slight_smile:

I meant “currently”, as there’s been no progress on it yet. This topic was for people to say they’d like to help.

I’d like to help.

OK, I’ve thrown together a minimum viable website very quickly using Django/Bootstrap and it’s now live (modulo the rather long DNS timeouts on this zone).

Code’s here. I’ll hopefully have time to add membership signup/approval at some point soon.

I’m aware there were one or two other things on the old wiki, I will dump those out and we can decide what to do with them.

Quick heads up that the GH issue for this is here:

I believe Tamarisk would like to help out with design/frontend.

I’m happy to do some more work on this, but I’m going to need consensus first on whether we’re happy to build on the quick boilerplate that I threw together.

(I’d personally prefer python/django as it’s what I’m most familiar with and I can hash out the boring membership/payment stuff fairly quickly.)

Let’s go with python/django.

Can we get some idea of if the new website is separate from the membership system, the way Russ just described it made it sound one and the same.

I think we envisioned it as part of the same system for simplicities sake however, we’re open to suggestions.


discussion continues here: Website Working Group

I also will love to help. Please share us your thoughts.

Anyone know who manages the data behind the Hackspace map? Somehow Newbury Hackspace has been placed in Rugby. Took two membership enquiries from people two hours drive away before I figured out what happened :slight_smile:

I can sort that out given the correct data.

Thanks, @stanto. Postcode is RG19 3AZ, we’re at the junction of The Moors and Lower Way in Thatcham, Berkshire. 51.401381N, 1.264528W, SU512671.

This should be correct now, had to sort out my site account :slight_smile:

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I think the longitude was entered as East instead of West. Newbury is currently quite a damp hackspace :slight_smile:

I tapped in exactly what you gave me :slight_smile:

@stanto If I type in the long/lat as N/W into Google maps it puts the cursor in the right place, if I change the W to E or put a minus sign at the beginning it puts the cursor where it is on the Hackspace map. Could the long/lat translation be ignoring the N and W suffixes and assume that each are Northing and Easting respectively? Either way: If you could adjust the easting so that it shows -1.264528E instead of 1.264528W I’d very much appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help.

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